Securing Your Digital Fortresses with VAPT

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is your proactive shield against malicious actors seeking to exploit your infrastructure’s weak spots. At, we specialize in empowering organizations like yours to fortify their defenses through comprehensive VAPT solutions.

What Exactly is VAPT?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is akin to a health checkup for your digital ecosystem. It involves a meticulous examination by security experts to uncover and mitigate vulnerabilities before cybercriminals capitalize on them. Think of it as hiring friendly hackers to expose your system’s vulnerabilities before the real adversaries do.

Why Do You Need's VAPT Services?

With cyber threats proliferating, the need for robust security measures has never been more critical. Here’s why partnering with for VAPT is indispensable:

  1. Holistic Evaluation: Our VAPT methodology combines vulnerability assessments with penetration testing, offering a comprehensive view of your security landscape. By simulating real-world attacks, we identify vulnerabilities and their potential impact, helping you prioritize and address them effectively.
  2. Security-First Approach: Our VAPT reports serve as invaluable tools for enhancing your security practices. By detecting vulnerabilities early in the development cycle, you can integrate security seamlessly into your processes, shifting towards a DevSecOps paradigm.
  3. Strengthened Security Posture: Regular VAPT engagements enable you to track your security posture over time, measure improvements, and address recurring weaknesses. This iterative approach ensures your defenses evolve alongside emerging threats.
  4. Compliance Assurance: With regulatory requirements becoming increasingly stringent, regular VAPT scans are essential for maintaining compliance. Our reports facilitate audits for various standards such as SOC2, ISO27001, CERT-IN, and HIPAA, instilling confidence in your regulatory adherence.

Trust Building: Demonstrating a proactive stance towards security not only protects your data but also builds trust with stakeholders. By showcasing your commitment to safeguarding sensitive information, you enhance credibility and foster stronger relationships with customers and partners.

The VAPT Process Demystified:

  1. Planning & Scoping: We begin by defining the scope and objectives of the VAPT engagement, aligning them with your specific needs and compliance requirements.
  2. Information Gathering: Our experts gather crucial information about your systems and network architecture, laying the groundwork for the subsequent assessment phases.
  3. Vulnerability Assessment: Leveraging cutting-edge tools and techniques, we conduct thorough scans to identify potential vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.
  4. Penetration Testing: Armed with the insights from the assessment phase, our security professionals simulate real-world attacks to exploit identified vulnerabilities and assess their impact.
  5. Reporting & Remediation: We deliver detailed reports outlining identified vulnerabilities, exploitation attempts, and actionable recommendations for remediation. Our team collaborates with you to implement remediation strategies and bolster your security posture.
  6. Rescan and Certificate Issuance: Upon remediation, we offer rescans to verify the efficacy of patches and issue publicly verifiable pentest certificates, facilitating compliance audits.

Understanding the Difference: Vulnerability Assessment vs. Penetration Testing

While vulnerability assessments focus on identifying potential vulnerabilities, penetration testing goes a step further by actively exploiting these vulnerabilities to assess their real-world impact. Here’s a quick comparison:



Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing


Identify potential vulnerabilities

Exploit vulnerabilities to assess real-world impact


Automated scans, doxing, reconnaissance

Manual offensive attack simulation

Depth & Scope

Surface-level scans

In-depth exploration to uncover zero-days and attack vectors

Regression Tests

Automated scans after updates

Not feasible for every update

Time Taken

24-72 hours depending on scope

10-15 business days


Regular (weekly, monthly)

Less frequent (quarterly, bi-annually, annually)

Price Range

$199 to $4500 annually

$2500 to $50,000 per Pentest


Not essential but helpful for compliance

Necessary for most compliance standards

The 6 Types of VAPT Offered by

  1. Organizational Penetration Testing: A holistic assessment targeting various facets of your IT infrastructure, including cloud, networks, web and mobile applications, and physical security.
  2. Network Penetration Testing: Meticulous probing of your network defenses to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities in data storage and transfer mechanisms.
  3. Web Application Penetration Testing: Thorough examination of web applications to identify and mitigate weaknesses in authentication, authorization, and input validation.
  4. Mobile Penetration Testing: Evaluation of mobile applications to detect vulnerabilities in code, APIs, and data storage, bolstering your mobile security posture.
  5. API Penetration Testing: Simulation of real-world attacks on APIs to uncover vulnerabilities such as broken authentication and authorization weaknesses.
  6. Cloud Penetration Testing: Assessment of cloud configurations, APIs, and access controls to identify and mitigate cloud-specific vulnerabilities.

Exploring’s VAPT Tools:

  1. Pentest Suite: Our comprehensive VAPT suite integrates AI-driven vulnerability scanning with expert manual penetration testing, ensuring compliance with industry standards like OWASP TOP 10 and SANS 25. With a vast portfolio of tests and seamless integrations, it’s your go-to solution for robust security.

Why Choose


  • Seamless integration with CI/CD pipeline
  • Continuously updated scanner rules for accurate results
  • Collaboration with security experts holding OSCP, CEH, and CVE certifications
  • Quick turnaround facilitated by GPT-powered chatbot
  • Customizable executive and developer-friendly reports


  • Limited to a one-week free trial

Open Source VAPT Tools Offered by

  1. ZAP: A feature-rich open-source tool designed for web application penetration testing, offering automated and manual pentesting capabilities.
  2. Kali Linux: A Debian-derived distribution tailored for penetration testing and security auditing, featuring over 600 pre-installed security tools.
  3. NMAP: A ubiquitous open-source network discovery and vulnerability assessment tool, ideal for mapping network infrastructure and identifying potential attack surfaces.
  4. Wireshark: A versatile network packet analyzer suitable for internal penetration testing, enabling real-time and retrospective analysis of network traffic.

Choosing the Right VAPT Provider:

When selecting a VAPT provider, consider the following factors:

  1. Understand Your Needs: Assess your organization’s requirements, including the size and complexity of your infrastructure, industry regulations, budget, and timeline.
  2. Seek Methodological Depth: Look for providers that adhere to established methodologies such as OWASP Testing Guide or PTES to ensure comprehensive assessments.
  3. Prioritize Transparent Communication: Choose a provider that maintains open communication throughout the VAPT process, offering regular updates and clear remediation guidance.
  4. Look Beyond Cost: While cost is important, prioritize value and ROI. Evaluate the depth of reports, post-assessment support, and provider expertise in your industry.

Conclusion:’s VAPT services offer a proactive approach to safeguarding your digital assets. By partnering with us, you not only bolster your security posture but also cultivate a culture of resilience and trust.

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